Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tie Rack Scarves

Condition: New with tags
Size: 90cm x 90cm
Material: Polyester
Price: RM60


TR01 - Sold to Wani!

TR02 - Sold to Kak Noorul!

TR03 - Sold to Noraidil!

TR04 - Sold to Kak Noorul!

TR05 (2 available) - Both sold to Atikah & Sarina!

TR06 - Sold to Riana!

TR07 - Sold to Atikah!

TR08 - Sold to Apple!


yana said...


alaaa sume dah reserved.. iza if dorang xjd beli TR02 or Tr05 can u reserved it for me..

zie said...

iza...sumer dah reserved....macam mana i nak order nie? hu hu *sedey*

mummy Darin said...

TR07 tu sebijik as mine, tp bukan Tie Rack, it's from Italy..

shoppaholicmom said...

laaa per ni dah terlambat la....

atikah said...

Iza, received the scarfs yesterday. Thanks! Take care..

Pink Stilettos said...

sorry ladies!

mummy Darin: Tie Rack pon from Italy..huhu

atikah: u're welcome! :)