Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ASOS Magenta Belted Tunic

Material: 100% polyester. Machine washable

Size: UK 10/ EURO 38

Condition: New with tag

Retail Price: US$53.79 (approximately RM168)

Selling Price: RM100 only! (please add RM6 for shipping)

Status: Sold to Noraini


cicmah hashim said...

yg ni size 10 tp besar tak?sbb normally asos nyer bj slightly besar kan...if besar sket...i wan this one..

Pink Stilettos said...

yea besar sikit kat bhgn badan dia. I think it fits UK12-14 kot.

LaFemmEzzah said...

labuh baju cmne kak? if utk yg bdan XS, just nice x kak?

Anonymous said...

can reserve this for me?


Naemah Wahab said...

I nak yg ni dear..tell me how..

Anonymous said...

iza, tis one dah ada org punyer ker? i nak